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Student Employee Managers and BPIs

Category Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
HR End Additional Job(s) - Hourly Student

Learn how to end additional jobs for hourly student employees.

Manager, HR Roles N/A
HR End Additional Job(s) - Graduate Assistant/Bi-Weekly Stipend

Learn how to end additional jobs for graduate assistants and bi-weekly stipends, including period activity pay.

Manager, HR Roles N/A
Category Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Compensation View Compensation History Learn how to access this report, which lists compensation changes made for employees as a result of compensation events, bonus, and one-time payments, as well as compensation history (all past and present positions), one-time payment (for organization), and more. Manager, HR Roles N/A

FAQs for Student Employee Managers and BPIs

Why can’t I add an exempt job on to a student who already has an hourly job? 
If a student has an hourly job, it is possible to add a bi-weekly stipend (exempt). The bi-weekly stipend should always be used when the job is project based (not hours required).

I heard that I am never supposed to terminate a student unless they are graduating or leaving the University. Is that true? 
You should terminate your student-employee if he/she will no longer work for you.

I cannot find a pre-hire record for the student I am hiring. Why? 
Only degree-seeking enrolled students will be available as pre-hires. You may search with the student’s name or with the EMPLID (available also in Canelink) and placing an A in front of the EMPLID. Please call the Student Financial Assistance & Employment office at (305) 284-5212 if you are unable to locate a student pre-hire record, who can assist to verify that the student is a degree seeking enrolled student.