Workday Super User Certification Program

We are proud to announce that a new series of the Workday Super User Certification Program launched June 2021.

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Program Details

The summer 2021 program runs from June 2021 through October 2021 for the following Workday roles*:

medal badge green
Cost Center Manager (CCM)
medal badge red
Human Resources Business Process Initiator (HR BPI)
medal badge icons_orange
Procurement Data Entry Specialist (PDES)
Expense Data Entry Specialist (EDES)

*Not sure who in your department has these roles? Click here for instructions on how to see role assignments.

Program Timeline

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Super User Benefits

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Workday and related University policies through the University's Workday Super User Certification Program
  • Access to central support teams (e.g., Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS), UMIT Service Desk) and non-production tenant to explore issue resolution
  • Be an early adopter of system changes
  • Network with Super Users across the University

Departmental Resources

Click on the button below to access a list of department-specific Certified Workday Super Users.

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We look forward to collaborating and maximizing Workday functionality.

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