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Accounting Journals

Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Financial Data Model (FDM) Learn about Workday's Financial Data Model (FDM), a multi-dimensional data structure used for accounting and financial reporting.  All roles N/A
Copy Journal Learn how to use reports to find a journal, create a copy, and edit available fields in the copied journal.  Accountant, Accounting Manager N/A
Copy and Reverse Journal Learn how to copy and reverse a journal.  Accounting,
Generate New Recurring Journal Learn how to create a template for recurring journals, generate a new journal off the template, find and edit a recurring journal template, access and view attachments from recurring journal entries, and find related reports. Accountant, Accounting Manager N/A

Find Journal Lines for Sales Tax Reporting

Learn how to report on sales tax liability collected at the department using the Find Journal Lines report.

Accountant, Accounting Manager

Reverse Journal Learn how to reverse a journal during an open period. 

Accounting Manager