Workday Courses Updated

Visit the Workday Training Catalog to access our new Workday training offerings!

Workday training courses were updated to encourage engagement in a virtual environment, and several have been redesigned as computer-based learning modules. This gives you the ability to access training at your own pace and convenience.

Training types, e.g. Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Computer-Based Learning (CBLs), and Curriculum* (ILT and CBL combined courses), are listed alongside course titles in the Workday Training Catalog. The following Workday training courses have been updated:

  • Workday: Accounting Journals (CBL)
  • Workday: Ad Hoc Bank Transactions (CBL)
  • Workday: Check Requests (CBL)
  • Workday: Expenses (CBL)
  • Workday: FDM (CBL)
  • Workday: Payroll Accounting (CBL)
  • Workday: Procurement (ILT)
  • Workday for Faculty & Staff Recruiting (Curriculum*)
  • Workday for HR Partners and HR BPIs (Curriculum*)
  • Workday: Internal Service Providers (CBL)
  • Workday: Student Employment (CBL)

*Curriculum courses are hybrid courses which include a combination of ILT and CBL. Both must be completed in the sequence indicated to receive course credit.

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