Reporting: Getting Started

Workday has thousands of standard and customized reports to meet your needs. Reports are restricted by a combination of assigned security roles, and area of responsibility (i.e. a single cost center, several cost centers, a company, etc.) and are organized to provide summary balances, detail transactions, and salary information. 

To choose what report to run, please follow steps one, two, and three to determine the category of reports necessary.


1. What is My Security Role In Workday?

To learn about Security Roles and role assignments, including: Employee as Self (ESS), Manager Role, HR Partner, Business Process Initiator (BPI), Timekeeper, and Cost Center Manager, please review this this page


2. What Reports Can I Run?

To learn how to run reports in Workday and about Finance reports available by security role, please review this Workday Finance Reports Matrix


3. What Types of Reports Do I Need?

These reports are based on your role in Workday and reporting needs.